Is it Too Hard?

OK, developing your own sterile processing classes may seem a bit overwhelming. It may seem particularly tough if you’ve not developed training before. However, you are not alone, as there are manyDevelop sterile processing classes? lady buried in flip-chart sheets resources to help. There is no need to start from scratch.

In fact, you probably have people on your team that have taken an excellent sterile processing course, and have retained all the notes and assignments. There are also online sterile processing resources, classes and references that can provide much of the content needed.


But Why Do it HERE?

The question remains, why develop sterile processing classes when they can be purchased from others? The primary reason is the importance of having your own, in-house protocols and priorities that YOU OWN.

Thorough and well-designed as they may be, sterile  processing courses or certification programs developed by others don’t reflect your facility requirements, limitations and priorities. Just as ONLY YOUR TEAM can develop an effective protocol for each sterile process in your facility, the only course that can fully train your staff is the one you develop.


How to Justify the Investment

If you must write a justification to deliver to others, explaining how home grown sterile processing class development makes sense, here is a helpful list of reasons:

  • Sterile processing only works when every team member is fully trained
  • The most effective training the team can get is the training that includes all the rules and priorities that apply here, in our facility for our team
  • This training must be renewed, and refreshed by retraining
  • One poorly trained or confused staff member can contaminate much of the facility
  • If training is completed using outside resources, it must be followed up by review of local priorities, protocols and practices in addition to outside training time
  • For the organization as a whole, owning and delivering our own sterile processing classes is the most efficient, practical and economical way to get it right


Start Right Here

Every journey starts with a single step. The first step of the trip to teaching your sterile processing class woman in yellow pressure suit and purple glovesis finding an owner for the curriculum. The most likely candidate is the subject matter expert on sterile processing on your team. This class owner must be a person the team trusts in sterile process protocol decisions. This doesn’t need to be a great teacher or writer. The only critical requirements are that he or she can own the course and agree to do so.

While the course owner will own class objectives, and approve course notes, they may need help with writing, visual aids, editing and teaching. That’s why there should be a team to execute this work, including resources from your existing team, and outside help, if needed.

We hope you will let us know if this information is helpful, and how we might improve it. Please feel free to leave us a comment to help us be as useful as possible.


Photo credit: quinn.anya via / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: NIAID via / CC BY

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