Isolation Solutions

This mission of Fail-Safe Isolation is:

To assist people, groups and society in applying isolation intelligently to address and correct day-to-day and difficult problems of the new millennium. 

We all use isolation, cope with isolation and struggle with isolation, yet most of us know little about it, and hardly consider it at all. Isolation in a plastic bubble - girl in a bubble in a busy public space

Our parents teach us the essentials of hygiene in the bathroom. And they teach us important cleanliness and food handling in the kitchen and at the table. They don’t teach us that these are all part of isolation – no one taught them either.

In school or at work we may have learned about critical rules of hand washing or use of booties or other important protocols in medical or meat packing or agriculture, but these were not identified as isolation.  Isolation is precisely what they are all about.  Hearing and learning about dozens of rules, customs and protocols equips us to use isolation a LOT, but not to actually understand it in simple terms. It is NOT rocket science, so this is the site where we will tell you what it IS.

Ignorance of isolation is costly to most of us, and more costly to society as a whole.

For example, the pollution that has plagued much of North America and Europe for decades and now poses terrible problems for China and India as their economies grow, is a problem of global scale. It is exacerbated by environmental control technology and regulation based on the old rule:

The solution to pollution is dilution

Isolation, rather than dilution offers far healthier and more sustainable ways to reduce industrial and transportation pollution without the smog and public health damage. To realize those critical benefits requires getting past the barriers of old standards, old laws, old ways of thinking and the old “status quo”

Isolation also can provide huge advantages in energy efficiency, to save you and your family on your power bill.  It also hasThe earth from space... the potential to reduce emissions and limit global warming, to save millions from UV radiation, respiratory illness and disastrous consequences of climate change.

Too much isolation in the wrong places can also do real damage. The problems of social and political isolation include growing political and economic unrest and the politics of hate and ultra-nationalism. Consequences of these unchecked changes include growing terrorism among the young and pogroms and ethnic cleansing disasters experienced in Ruwanda, Bosnia, Burma and elsewhere.  Our plan is to provide a forum for discussion and possible solutions for these growing crises of inappropriate and dangerous isolation.

Nobody has all the answers for our personal, family, business and social isolation problems, but we can offer help.  Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so we are stepping up. We can point out tools that can help with efficient isolation for sensitive, dangerous or difficult materials. We can offer a place to examine and discuss isolation options that provide the safety, security, health and comfort we need without the barriers to understanding and discussion that threaten our way of life.

When it comes to isolation, what you don’t know can and will hurt you. If you would rather be armed with understanding and a place to discuss solutions, welcome. You’ve come to the right place!