In a sleep pod, lab, secluded home or space station, isolation is better with a great view

Astronaut Jeff Williams is a passionate artist with a camera. Isolation would not be kind to Jeff without a window for viewing and shooting the amazing views of our planet.

As we consider choices for protecting or containing ourselves, our families, our businesses, research projects or our homes, we are well advised to consider the view. People are visual animals, and our ability to see and understand the surroundings is not a minor thing. Even when we are isolated from those surroundings like Jeff, the need to see them is palpable. It calls to us, and punishes us if we ignore that call. Thousands of generations before us depended on sight to stay safe. We were built from that heritage.

When you think about isolation, don’t forget the value of a great window. Clearly, it’s better with a view.

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5 thoughts on “Isolation is Better with a View

  • By Monique Rene Coates - Reply

    Steve, This is a wonderful page and topic 🙂 There really is no special order to it. Isolation absolutely needs a view, a GOOD ONE.

    Is there such a thing as being in PRISON within so called FREEDOM?

    • By SteveT - Reply

      Glad you like it, Monique. As to the relationship of Prison, Freedom and Isolation, that’s an intriguing question. I think Prison and Freedom are both mostly states of mind. Whether isolation is a choice made freely, a necessity or a sentence imposed, the person in isolation must choose how to experience it.
      Thanks again for joining the conversation, Monique.

  • By SK - Reply

    Love the view from the Isolation.

    I agreed with you that prison and freedom are mostly states of the mind. In the book written by Viktor Frankl,” Man’s Search for Meaning.” Viktor said that a person can identify a purpose in life to feel positive about, and then immersively imagine that outcome. Viktor was a POW in WWII and lived to share his experience on how our state of mind determines our outcome.

    • By SteveT - Reply

      Thanks for your insights and the quote from Frankl. Clearly, the suffering of imprisonment is mostly in our minds, but the damage of solitary confinement is often serious. Having a view of the outside world can make a difference for those who can’t find peace within themselves.
      We really appreciate what you add to the conversation. Please join us again, SK.

  • By Phildora Perez - Reply

    Stephen, the photographs taken by Jeff are absolutely phenomenal and breathtaking! When I look at the earth and all it has to offer, I am able to view it from an astronaut’s viewpoint. The color combinations, interesting natural formations, and just how cohesive and fluid everything appears.

    Stephen, thank for taking me on this awesome journey and expanding my perspective of earth from a distance and making it up close and personal.

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