Isolation in a mechanical barrier enclosure is a powerful tool for ensuring that items, organisms and other atmosphere suspended contaminants cannot enter or leave the work space.  These physical barriers can be isolation tanks, isolation chambers, isolation bags, containers or isolation glove boxes.  Each of these barrier isolation enclosures has a particular set of missions at which it excels, but probably the most versatile is the isolation glove box.  Smaller and simpler than isolation buildings, and more accessible than isolation tanks or chambers, isolation glove boxes  provide general purpose handling options and processing capabilities, and some provide the full range of sterile, hazardous and special atmosphere containment options that nearly any application might require.  If one keeps in mind the importance of right sizing for manageable size and complexity, Isolation Glove Boxes are a powerful asset in any lab or shop with a need for a special or controlled work-space with effective isolation.  Visit our isolation glove box page for detailed information on this technology.

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